About Me

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  My name is Grant, (hence the play on words for the blog site’s name), I am a married father of two boys and a girl living in the heart of Texas.  I work in the IT field, hold a leadership role in my boys’ Scout pack, and for as long as I can remember I have been a deep thinker.

Some of my earliest memories were of laying in my bed as a child, deciphering how the combustible engine in my dad’s 1976 Thunderbird worked, or daydreaming that I was Starbuck chasing Cylons in a Colonial Viper and ‘gettin’ the girls’.   I later years, this creative thinking got me into trouble, such as the time I made a homemade bottle rocket out of match heads, a paperclip and a metal ballpoint pen.  That was a prime example of ‘Not thinking it through’, as I was grounded that day.  I failed to factor in the flimsiness of the paperclip ‘launchpad’, or the 100 + decibel screaming sound it proceeded to make as it raced around my bedroom after bouncing off the corner of the opened bedroom window.  Attempts to catch it failed twice, as it burned the side of my face twice, until it embedded itself into the wall just as my father burst into my room, belt in hand.

As i grew older, I dabbled in poetry and short story writing in high school.  But I found book reports about topics such as the Pyramids, much more facinating. The depth of the architecture, culter, rituals was better than anything I could come up with.  Thus began a long love affair of history that is still going strong today.

Later in life, I began to link my dreams together with interchangeable locations, characters, and themes.  I’ve always been able to ‘control’ my dreams, and have used this to create a ‘slumber playground’ that allowed me to create endless scenarios.  This of course lead to daydreams, ideas, and snippets that I thought one day would make a great book.  Ever the thinker, I have invented products, come up with technical solutions, and over-thought every project I have worked on.  Now, I catch myself over-thinking how much wood is needed to create that loft in the garage, or a special gear for that ‘cool’ mod that doesn’t exist and now has to be custom made.  I know its overcompensating for that failed launch, all those years ago.  I literally couldn’t sit down for two days! But oh, the knowledge I gained was so worth it….

And as you can see, this site is full of thoughts from a wandering mind. I don’t fancy myself as a writer, but more as a storyteller.  Hopefully, it will entertain and enlighten my guests.  Enjoy.


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